The RISD Technical Association / NEARI local 806 represents 43 technical educational support staff at Rhode Island School of Design.

The Rhode Island School of Design’s Technical Association (RISDTA) is in alignment with RISD’s commitment to excellence in education and its vision to improve teaching, learning, and research by implementing and developing new technologies. Association members individually and collectively collaborate with deans, departments, faculty and staff, and numerous RISD programs, to support leadership in the uses of technology for education and research.

RISD supports this collaboration and wishes to encourage its continuation. The purpose of this Agreement, therefore, is to promote a harmonious relationship among the parties, to ensure that the parties work constructively together to serve the needs of the RISD community, and to create a framework for a creative and mutual exchange of ideas and constructive dialogue.

Members of RISD’s Technical Association are valued by RISD based not simply on technical expertise, but on their respective disciplines and specific backgrounds and/or interdisciplinary knowledge. As members of the RISD community, Association members are positioned to bridge different cultures to facilitate creative exchange. The College acknowledges RISDTA members for their broad range of expertise and their support for evolving challenges in fullfillment of RISD’s educational

The RISD Technical Association / NEARI local 806 was certified by election in 2007 by the National Labor Relations Board as sole bargaining agent for RISD technicians. It's goal is to bargain collectively to ensure fair wages and working conditions, respectful treatment of it's members; to achieve economic dignity through fair compensation; to provide a voice for the membership within the RISD community; to advance equity and transparency in policies relating to members; to support the faculty in providing the highest quality education for the students at Rhode Island School of Design.